About Me

As you may have guessed, photography is my passion. I feel my best when I am behind the camera and I truly believe that it shows in my work. When I’m not busy snapping photos, you might find me traveling the world, sipping on coffee, working on a jigsaw puzzle, or lounging in the comfiest clothing I can find.  I’m happy anytime I can share my favorite things with my favorite people and, luckily, that’s something I get to do fairly often.  In a previous life, I was a genetic counselor — which was a wonderful experience — but even then, I was itching to get behind the camera full-time.


Being an avid traveler, I have too many favorite places to count, but Fire Island will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s where I spent my Summers as a child, it’s where I married my hubby, and it’s a place that I WILL force you to visit if you get to know me well enough.

Emily Vista Photography - Self portrait

My Approach To Photography

It’s the candid little moments that make for enduring memories – those are the moments I live to capture.  I always strive to create a fun and collaborative environment where those moments can flourish. Whether working one on one at a personal photo shoot or roaming around your wedding or event, I am constantly thinking and observing – waiting to capture those fleeting moments which might otherwise be forgotten. I love this job and a satisfied client is what keeps me going.  Let’s work together to create a gallery that is unique and special to you, one that you will be proud to show off for many years to come.


I provide fun, creative and personalized storytelling for couples and families of every race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity. Love is inspiring in all of its beautiful forms.

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